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“Our Mariquinhas sour cherry liqueur is distinguished by its unique, characteristic taste of our own-produced sour cherry fruit.

We are producers of over 22.000 sour cherry trees making us self-sufficient in the production of our Liqueur, in which we have committed all the knowledge and love of seven decades of the recipe, to bring to the Portuguese and the world our sour cherry of the heart, Ginja Mariquinhas!”


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Cherry trees


We are a family company which has inherited the legacy of over 70 years of tradition left by our mentor and breeder Abílio Ferreira de Carvalho.
The quality of our products begins in the field, as we own more than 22,000 cherry trees. This guarantees self-sufficiency and, above all, the quality of our Sour Cherry Mariquinhas Liqueur and other products made from our fruit, the sour cherry.
It is at the factory that, as a team, we transform the sour cherries into our liqueur and we are committed to maintaining the quality and tradition which has marked us out over the years. With strong ancestral connections, we continue to strengthen flavours and revive memories, bringing to each one of you the true taste of this liqueur since 1949.


To maintain our high quality standards

We have planted more than 22,000 sour cherry trees


Our product collection is huge, thought out in detail and made with love.


Mariquinhas Sour Cherry Liqueur is a liqueur with a family tradition.

This is a 100% natural liqueur with no colouring or preservatives, a clear, ruby colour, acid freshness, liqueur-like consistency and an intense sour cherry flavour.

Made with only 4 ingredients: sour cherry, water, alcohol and sugar.

Produced exclusively with fruit from our cherry trees, is a 100% Portuguese liqueur awarded internationally.

The brand “Mariquinhas” is inspired by Fado with notes in its branding of various traditional Portuguese elements such as filigree and embroidery, came through its image to convey the true Portuguese culture.


We are a family company that has inherited an entire testimony of over 70 years of tradition, left by its mentor and creator Abílio Ferreira de Carvalho.

We are committed to maintaining the quality and tradition that has marked us over time.

Produced exclusively with fruit from our cherry trees, it is an internationally awarded 100% Portuguese liqueur.