Mariquinhas experience

Our sour cherry liquor is made for sharing. As we love to have you with us, we have opened our doors to a unique family experience.

Just visit one of our Mariquinhas Experience Stores in Óbidos, Aveiro, or Braga to find out sour cherry liquor and all the many products we have created from the liquor and the fruit. We’ll share the roots, the history and the entire production process with you. By the end of your visit, you’ll feel part of the family!

During your visit, you will discover everything about the history of the family, over 70 years of the Mariquinhas brand, and get to know the faces of the whole team that embraces this project on a daily basis.

We will explain the whole production process behind the world famous Óbidos sour cherry liquor — Mariquinhas! From harvest to production, bottling and packaging, until it goes out to the Portuguese and international markets.

At the end of the visit, we’ll be going down into the magical Ageing Cellar, where we’ll be sampling some sour cherry liqueurs — of course!

Mariquinhas Experience Stores: 

Rua Direita nº 66 — 2510-001 Óbidos
Tel: (+351) 912 815 006 

Rua D. Diogo de Sousa nº 80 — 4700-422 Braga
Tel: (+351) 914 097 533 

Rua dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra nº 11 — 3810-164 Aveiro
Tel: (+351) 913 669 668 

Coming soon to more locations.

Visiting hours to the Aging Factory and Cellar:

From monday to friday: Morning – 10 am; Afternoon – 3pm

Weekends and holidays: availability on request

Closed from December 24th to January 15th